What makes it special

Catch a sea plane from the Fijian city of Nadi and land in the private Matana lagoon.

Matana Plantation includes over 800 acres of freehold land on the island of Koro, in the Lomaiviti Group of the Fiji Islands. With over 4 miles of white-sand beach, it is one of Fiji’s natural treasures.

Koro is in the most restigious part of Fiji, right in the middle of the ocean between the main island of Vitia Levu and the north main island Vanua Levu. Koro Island was originally charted by Captain Bligh on his way back to Australia, after being put off HMAS Bounty. The private beach adjacent to the stunning Nola Point is called “Bligh Cove”.

One of the few freehold property’s available in the Fijian Islands, the Matana Plantation is one of life’s rare opportunities to escape and feel the freedom that nature’s best kept secrets allow.

The unspoiled, property boasts thousands of coconut trees and beautiful tropical rainforest land and is in the most beautiful, lush and fertile area of Fiji. Fresh bananas, papaya, wild pineapple, mangoes, custard apple trees, and many other fruits and medicines grow wild, including over 100,000 coconut trees.

Waterfalls and fresh water springs abound and are full of Crayfish (perfect to catch and then grill for breakfast!), and there are plenty of stone ruins all connected by a maze of trails.

In the surrounding water is a perfect deep water anchorage and passage fit for small or large vessels. The snorkeling and scuba diving are among Fiji’s best – as attested by the renowned mariner and explorer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau – as are the opportunities for spear fishing. The views of the sea, distant islands, and sunsets are breathtaking.

Matana plantation has over 4 miles of sandy beaches. They are divided into 3 separate beaches: North Beach, Nola Point, and South Beach:

North Beach
North Beach is a long, sandy beach facing out to the Koro Sea. Perfect for long walks or a horseback ride. A deep water channel leads to a nice anchorage out front. Beautiful pristine snorkeling reefs emerge from just outside the shore.

Nola Point
The beach on Nola Point is one of the best swimming spots in Fiji. A deep sandy bottom allows great swims at all tides. Perfect spot for beach volleyball, picnic or watching the colorful sunset. In the view are the islands of Makogai, Ovalau and Namena.

South Beach
The best beach of the property, the long white sand beach of South Beach runs along the Western edge of Koro. Swimming is possible at all tides. Beautiful black rock and coral snorkeling exist. There is a nice trail connecting South Beach and North Beach.

A popular destination for many celebrities over the years, the current owners – legends in their own right – look forward to the new owner experiencing the many wonderful opportunities that they have over many years.

Matana Plantation truly offers a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Certificate of Title 5588 – Koro Island (part of) known as “Matana” consisting of 806 Freehold (fee simple) acres. “Matana” consists of the four following land titles:
• Folio C.G.500 known as “Nadawa” consisting of 86 acres
• Folio C.G.357 known as “Matana” consisting of 276 acres
• Folio C.G.473 known as “Nola#1” consisting of 234 acres
• Folio C.G.499 known as “Wailolo” consisting of 211 acres

The above separate but contiguous land title holdings offer the new owners development options over the entire or parts of “Matana”, as the case may be.

Facts and Figures

  • 806 acres in total
  • The Fijian Coral Reefs are an extension of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
  • The coral reefs surrounding the Fijian Islands ensure that they are protected from any Tsunami concerns
  • Only 8% of the land in Fiji is available in fee. All other (92%) is held in trust for the Fijian People
  • 4 miles of white sandy beaches
  • 100,000 coconut trees
  • Land title in 4 lots